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How Paragon Delivers Quality Nutritional Supplements

Five decades ago, Paragon Laboratories was born with a dream – to be a leader in the custom manufacturing and development of dietary supplements. The contract manufacturer has strived to be at the leading edge of both science and technology to provide its customers with the best service in the dietary supplement industry. Today, Paragon has become one of the leading supplement contract manufacturers; and, in honor of its 50th anniversary, this article looks back at how it all started and where Paragon is going, with the founder of Paragon Laboratories, Victor Kaufman.

Helping Consumers Meet Their Health Needs

While working as the Vice President of Operations at one of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturers during the late 1960s, Kaufman observed an interesting shift in consumer behavior.

“I noticed that people were looking for alternative sources for supporting their health needs – beyond having the staples of food itself… That was the future, and I wanted to be at the forefront of that industry.” – Victor Kaufman

At this time, health was becoming a priority for many. People were more interested in a holistic approach to health, turning away from traditional medication towards alternatives that would uplift their minds and bodies. Nutritional foods and attending gyms became the primary means to maintain health. Consumers began to show a growing interest in nutritional supplements and how these could help them meet their health goals. Spotting the massive potential behind this market opportunity, Kaufman left the pharmaceutical industry in 1971 to pursue a business in this supplement space.


The Path to Becoming a Quality-Leading Manufacturer

“Coming from the pharmaceutical industry, I had many long-standing relationships and loyalties. They trusted me and my experience to create quality products. This was the loyalty we built. Everyone we serviced knew that we produced exceptional products in a timely fashion.” – Victor Kaufman

Before it became a contract manufacturer, Paragon Laboratories started as a supplement packaging facility. According to Kaufman, setting up a packaging operation was the simplest way to get into the contract manufacturing business. Since Kaufman was already well-known in the industry, companies that did not have the correct packaging requirements came to him to service their needs. Soon enough, Kaufman was serving accounts on a regular basis and needed an extra pair of hands to run the business. Fortunately, he had a steadfast partner, his wife Claire Kaufman, who took the lead on Paragon’s finances. Responsible for accounting and human resources, she established a strong foundation for the company and its ensuing growth.


Gradually, Kaufman and his wife grew Paragon’s capabilities to include supplement manufacturing. Rather than purchasing supplies from third-party vendors, he decided Paragon would take on the manufacturing as well to capture a larger market share. Initially starting with tableting, Paragon’s manufacturing capabilities slowly expanded to include supplement coating and powder manufacturing as the company grew. With Paragon gaining momentum day-by-day, the Kaufmans relocated the headquarters to Torrance, CA to better service their customers as the company continued to grow.

Quality and Service Guaranteed

Kaufman built Paragon around a laboratory, which would become the center of their operation from an early stage. This ensured that high-quality raw materials and products were being manufactured, produced, and delivered to its customers.

“My experience in the pharmaceutical industry gave me access to expertise in quality assurance and quality control – the two most important, yet overlooked, areas of manufacturing a product. That’s why personnel at Paragon have deep backgrounds in quality assurance and control. ”– Victor Kaufman

Equipped with 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical company, Victor Kaufman knew the primary value Paragon could bring to the supplement manufacturing industry was quality assurance and control. With this in mind, he established a proven manufacturing process that made these two areas key components of manufacturing itself. Every supplement manufactured by Paragon had to undergo rigorous testing to ensure it was properly made for its customers.


This focus on quality is what continues to make Paragon Laboratories stand out to this day. Paragon uses over 200 Standard Operating Procedures to build quality into every nutritional supplement it manufactures. From the moment raw ingredients arrive to when the finished product is manufactured, Paragon uses the most advanced methods and technology to ensure the creation of the highest-quality nutritional supplements.

Upholding this focus on quality, Paragon continues to stay ahead by maintaining certifications from the industry’s leading quality organizations. Doing so allows Paragon to guarantee that its customers’ supplements meet and exceed the standards that the industry requires. This continual satisfaction of its customers is what continues to give rise to Paragon’s status as a leader in the contract manufacturing industry.

A Continued Impact

“Paragon has and will continue to excel in the creation of quality products.” – Victor Kaufman

Since Paragon’s establishment in 1971, Paragon Laboratories continues to impact its customers, partners, and the industry as a whole by manufacturing only the best high-quality products. With 50 years under Paragon’s belt, it is excited to continue improving the quality of life through its customers by delivering quality nutritional supplements.

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