Paragon Order Placed

1. R&D Order is Placed

Prior to moving to a production batch, a flavor profile must occur to ensure all aspects of the drink are met, such as overall appearance of the powder, aroma, solubility, and taste. The formal quote is approved with a proforma invoice sent. Once the deposit is received, the clock starts ticking.

2. Raw Materials Ordered & Received

All necessary GMP paperwork and documentation are updated and prepared including the Bill of Materials and Master Manufacturing record. The procurement team will review these documents against inventory to see if an order needs to be placed for specific raw materials.


Paragon Order Received


Paragon Raw Materials Test

3. Raw Materials Testing

Incoming raw materials follow a strict standard operating procedure and will be tested for Micros (Salmonella, E.coli, Staph, and Mold) and product ID (Genus, species, and potency). Once approved, the raw materials are weighed and staged for blending.

4. Internal Sample Taste Testing

After receiving all of the needed raw materials, the formulation team produces a base blend from the active ingredients. The flavoring process begins with the formulators adding flavor and/or sweeteners to achieve the desired end result. The approved final profile is packaged and sent to the customer for sampling and approval.



Paragon Final Sample Taste Test

5. Final Sample Taste Testing

The completed samples are directly sent to you for your approval. In the event of formula tweaking, the formulation team keeps a base of your formula to make necessary changes based on your feedback. In this case, a second iteration will be sent for approval.

6. Powder Formula Finalized

The flavored powder is now ready to go for the full-scale production batch.

Paragon Formula Finalized

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Please remember that we do have minimum order quantity requirements for powders:

  • 5,000 jars of powder per production run (except 10,000 jars minimum for protein powders).