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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we are asked most frequently. If you have other questions, feel free to contact us through the form in the sidebar or by phone or email.

Can you develop custom formulations for us?

Absolutely. Our highly skilled formulation staff has developed literally thousands of formulas for our clients. We would be delighted to discuss your needs and the development process.

Do you have some off-the-shelf formulas that we could use?

In our archives, we have formulas for thousands of stock nutritional supplements. We may already have the formulation you need. If not, we very likely will be able to custom develop a formula for you.

Can you print labels for us?

Yes, we can print labels for you.

Can you help us with the nutritional and other required information for our labels?

While we are quite familiar with the laws and regulations governing the formulation and packaging of nutritional and dietary supplements, we cannot represent you legally and strongly suggest that you engage the proper testing and legal experts to give you proper advice.

Can you ship overseas?

Yes, we have many international customers and are happy to discuss with you the meeting of requirements for shipments anywhere in the world.

Can you warehouse inventory and drop ship orders for us?

We are sorry, but we do not provide fulfillment services. We are happy to recommend some companies that do provide this service if you wish.

What is the lead time for a quotation?

Our quotation process involves two steps: the finalizing of the formulation and then soliciting cost information from our raw material vendors. The typical lead time for a quote is five to ten business days though more complex formulas may require additional formulation and sourcing time.

What kind of documentation will my order come with?

All completed orders include a Certificate of Analysis that detail analytical and microbial content.

May I use the NPA (formerly NNFA) GMP seal on my product label?

Only if you make direct arrangements with NPA.

Do you have minimum order quantities?

Yes, to assure the best quality and pricing we do have minimum order quantities. While there are some exceptions, typically we ask for a minimum of 300,000 tablets or capsules in one production run, or 500 kilograms of powders.

Are there minimum print runs for labels?

Typically, our printers ask for a minimum print run of 2,000 labels per product.

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