Paragon Order Placed

1. Sales Order Received

The formal quote is approved, signed, and returned for processing. A written sales order will trigger a proforma invoice requesting the deposit. Once the deposit is received, the clock starts ticking and the manufacturing process begins.

2. Review & Process All Proceeding Documents

All necessary GMP paperwork and documentation are updated and prepared including the Bill of Materials and Master Manufacturing record. The procurement team will review these documents against inventory to see if an order needs to be placed for specific raw materials.


Paragon Order Received


Paragon Label Proof Design

3. Initiate Label Proof Design

A Supplement Facts panel will be provided for the label design, along with the dimensions of the label. Submitted label proofs will be reviewed for compliance by our Quality Assurance (QA) team. If approved, the label proof can be moved to print.

4. Raw Ingredient Testing

Incoming raw materials follow a strict standard operating procedure and will be tested for Micros (Salmonella, E.coli, Staph, and Mold) and product ID (Genus, species, and potency). Once approved, the raw materials are weighed and staged for production.


Paragon Raw Materials Test


Paragon Granulation Milling

5. Granulation/Milling

The raw materials are now ready for blending. Depending on particle size, bulk density, and granularity, additional processing may be required, such as granulation, milling, and screening.

6. Compression/Encapsulation

The blended powder is ready for tableting or encapsulation. After compression, tableted products have many additional options available, such as color coating, enteric coating, flavor coating, and even scent coating.


Paragon Encapsulation Compression


Paragon Tablet Capsule Inspection

7. Tablet/Capsule Inspection

Following strict GMP protocols, the tablets and capsules are inspected by the QA team to ensure all parameters and label claims are met. Upon the completion of the full batch, a 100% visual inspection and full metal detection is performed.

8. Label Proof Approved & Printed

Supplement labels are printed and delivered at least 2 weeks before the scheduled completion date. The labels will be compared to the approved proof by our QA team for application on the final product.


Paragon Label Proof Approved


Paragon Product Packaging

9. Product Packaging

Packaging components such as bottles and lids have been received and staged for final pack-out. After the products are fully packaged, the QA team will do final testing for Micros and complete the Certificate of Analysis. The packages will be reconciled and given to the shipping department to stage for pick-up or delivery. Bottle count, case count, and pallet information and weights will be shared to arrange the shipment.

10. Finished Product is Ready for Shelves

Your dietary supplement is now completed and ready for market!

Paragon Finished Supplement

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