At Paragon, we do everything strictly by the book…literally. Using over 200 Standard Operating Procedures – many developed over our 50 year history—we build quality into every nutritional product we manufacture.

It starts from the moment your raw ingredients arrive at our facility. From then on we test, measure and weigh every step of the way keeping precise records throughout the entire process. That way, Paragon can assure that your nutritional supplements meet, if not exceed all regulatory requirements.

Our highly experienced staff of chemists, biologists and microbiologists use our advanced laboratory to conduct ongoing tests to ensure potency, purity and consistency for your nutritional supplements and vitamin products. The bottom line is that at Paragon, we leave nothing to chance. So you can be sure you’re getting exactly the nutritional product or supplement you want.

Paragon’s technical experts use the most advanced methods to ensure the identity, purity, quality, strength and composition of raw materials and finished nutritional products.

Just a small sample of the analytical testing we perform:

  • High performance liquid chromatography HPLC
  • Graphite furnace atomic absorption (GFAA)
  • Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR)
  • High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography (HPTLC)
  • Atomic absorption
  • ICP-MS

  • Accelerated shelf-life stability
  • Fill-weight, hardness and thickness
  • Particle size distribution analysis
  • Ultraviolet-visible (UV-VIS) spectrophotometry
  • Dissolution and disintegration analyses
  • Microscopy

Why companies trust us

Companies have very good reasons to entrust us with their valuable products.

Our state-of-the-art laboratory: Paragon Labs’ in-house analytical laboratory would do justice to any manufacturer. Its advanced equipment allows our staff of graduate level chemists, biochemists and microbiologists to test and measure our products at every step of the production cycle. We conduct batteries of sophisticated tests to assure the quality and consistency of every production run.

And because our laboratory is on the premises, downtime for testing is minimized so we’re able to adhere to even the tightest deadlines.

Our strict Quality Assurance process: Our QA process starts even before the manufacturing process begins.

  • We quarantine and analyze all incoming raw materials.
  • After blending, we confirm ingredient accuracy and potency of a formulation.
  • We conduct ongoing inspections throughout the production cycle on items such as fill weight, hardness, thickness, disintegration and friability.
  • We visually inspect every unit dose to ensure their cosmetic appeal is up to your standards.
  • Our Quality Control chemists utilize our laboratory to conduct thorough final multi-faceted analyses.
  • We retain samples of each production batch for future reference.

Our certifications: We’ve earned certification from QAI organic for contract manufacturing. Learn more about certifications.

  • UL Certified supplement manufacturer
  • QAI Certified Organic Manufacturer
  • GMP Certification Logo
  • Ribus certification contract manufacturer program
  • USDA Organic Certification Supplement Manufacturer in US

Ready to Partner With a Supplement Manufacturer?

As a leader in custom manufacturing of nutritional supplements, Paragon Laboratories is committed to working with you every step of the way, no matter how simple or complex your formulation is.