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How to Market Your Dietary Supplements on Amazon

If you sell dietary supplements, eCommerce is an incredible tool to increase sales and expand your brand. There are thousands of eCommerce platforms available, but the one that remains supreme over the rest is Amazon. Being able to successfully market and sell your dietary supplements on Amazon can put your company at a competitive advantage in the eCommerce world. However, getting the maximum ROI from Amazon’s platform requires careful planning and execution. You need the right knowledge and expertise to succeed. Here are some tips on how to successfully market your dietary supplement on Amazon.

Why Amazon?

Amazon is by far the largest eCommerce platform, controlling nearly 50% of the eCommerce market share. To put that amount of market share into perspective, Amazon currently has 197 million unique monthly visitors. It’s no surprise that with all those unique sets of eyes on Amazon each month, Amazon has a booming health and dietary supplement industry. Online vitamins are growing faster than any other eCommerce commodity and Amazon currently holds 23% share of online vitamin and supplement sales.

There is no doubt having a dietary supplement marketing strategy through Amazon will help boost your company. However, before you can get your product on Amazon, you’ll need to know their rules and regulations for selling dietary supplements.

How to Get Your Supplement Approved to Sell on Amazon

Supplement Facts

Amazon has an extensive dietary supplement checklist your product must comply with to start selling on their platform. Although it would be impossible to cover all the compliance guidelines outlined in Amazon FBA, here are the most important points you should know if you want to sell your dietary supplement on their platform:

  • Your product must comply with all state, local, and federal laws as wells as Amazon’s policies for supplements and vitamins.
  • All of your products must be new, sealed, and unused in the original manufacturing package. They must also clearly display the distributor’s or manufacturer’s code, such as lot numbers.
  • All supplements must be clearly labeled in English and contain the following information: the name of the supplement, quantity of supplement and size per dose (i.e.  2 tablets per serving), ingredients list, a “Supplement’s Facts” section, and the name and address of the distributor, manufacturer, or packer.
  • The supplement cannot state that it mitigates, treats, prevents, or cures an ailment or disease unless approved by the FDA. The same rule applies to the supplement’s copy page.
  • The product cannot be listed in an FBA safety alert or recall, and cannot contain ingredients banned by the FDA.
  • The product cannot contain the FDA logo or display anywhere that your product is “FDA approved.” Furthermore, the label cannot exhibit any messaging such as “not for retail sale,” or “tester.” These rules also apply to the product’s copy page.
  • Listings cannot include disease names as keywords or make claims that the product produces a similar effect to an anabolic steroid, such as “Legal Performance Enhancer.”
  • Amazon FBA considers dietary supplements subject to expiration, even if the product label does not include an expiration date. As such, supplements must be received by the customer with sufficient time for use. For example, a 200-count bottle of supplements must have a 200-day consumption period shelf life as well as an additional 90-day shelf life to account for the time it takes to reach a fulfillment center.

How to Market Your Dietary Supplement on Amazon

Branded Amazon Store

If you meet Amazon criteria, then congratulations, you can sell your product on their platform! But, you cannot expect your product to sell itself. You need to put in serious time to market and advertise your product. One of the primary ways to successfully launch a supplement brand online, Amazon is undeniably a powerful platform to utilize so you want to market your product’s page meticulously.

First and foremost, you want to create an Amazon store for your brand. Your branded Amazon store is your first point of contact for many viewers, so you want it to look presentable. In addition to adding your brand name and logo, some tips to make your storefront design stand out include:

  • Customizing a homepage layout that best represents your business
  • Including images, videos, and text to tell the story about your brand
  • Organizing your store with pages to make it easy for your shoppers to find what they need
  • Incorporating inbound links to your website

Likewise, all of your product’s listings should be optimized. The best way to optimize content is by using target keywords in the title and throughout the listing. And make sure to use images that fulfill Amazon’s requirements to ensure approval from Amazon.

Getting positive reviews is also great for rankings. We strongly encourage emailing customers for feedback and looking into email marketing platforms such as Mailchimp and Constant Contact to better manage your email marketing efforts. And not to mention, being diligent with customer’s concerns and addressing questions rapidly is another substantial way to increase rankings.

One final note to consider is Amazon’s Sponsored Products page. Their Sponsor Products are CPC ads that promote products listed on Amazon. It is relatively simple to start a campaign, even if you have never done one before. All you need to do is go to create a campaign is to set your budget, duration, and name and decide whether you want a manual or targeted advertising campaign. Sponsored Products is yet another great tool in Amazon’s robust eCommerce platform that can help your dietary supplement gain visibility and increase sales.

How Paragon Helps Your Amazon Fulfillment

The eCommerce industry is booming, and there are no signs of it slowing down. Now is the time to make your mark and start selling your dietary supplements online. At Paragon Laboratories, we take pride in our ability to manufacture high-quality dietary supplements for our clients and help them take hold of the eCommerce market. We are an Amazon-friendly contract manufacturer that works with you to ship your supplements directly to Amazon and adhere to guidelines outlined in the dietary supplement FBA Amazon. Contact us today to learn more about how we support your Amazon fulfillment needs.

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