The Quality Leader in Contract Supplement Manufacturing

A Company with a Healthy History

Jay and Richard Kaufman In 1971, the Kaufman family launched a dream— to be a leader in custom manufacturing of nutritional supplements — and Paragon Laboratories was born.

From that humble beginning, Paragon has grown to be a major success still owned by the Kaufmans and managed proudly by brothers Jay and Richard Kaufman. But there’s a big difference from those early days. As science and technology have advanced, Paragon has not only kept up with them but has often been at the leading edge.

One proof of this: our state-of-the-art in-house analytical laboratory that allows us to meet your strictest standards for dietary supplements…and your tightest timelines.

As our reputation has grown, so have we. We’ve recently expanded our facilities to meet the increased demand for the products we manufacture.

Paragon Labs just added a new, advanced 20,000 plus square foot expansion to our existing 50,000 square foot facility — the latest evidence of our ongoing committment to provide our customers with the best service in the industry.