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Ingredient Spotlight: aXivite®

Healthy weight management has become a significant aspect of living a better life, especially since 30% of the world’s total population is overweight. To avoid being a part of this statistic, consumers turn to a combination of solutions such as exercise, a healthy diet, and dietary supplements. As consumers become more mindful of their health and well-being, they are looking into supplements that contain capsaicin. According to 360 Research Reports, the current global market size of capsaicin is growing at a CAGR of 4.3% and is expected to reach $10 million by 2026. With consumers becoming more aware of the benefits of capsaicin, supplement business owners should look into this up-and-coming ingredient trend, such as aXivite®, to get ahead of the saturated market.

What is aXivite®?

aXivite® is an innovative ingredient formulated and developed by aXichem. It is a natural analogue capsaicin (found in chilies) used for a wide range of dietary health applications. Capsaicin is used to support weight management, metabolic support, and gut health. aXivite® is composed of phenylcapsaicin, which is synthesized to create a nature-identical analogue of capsaicin. It combines the naturally occurring phenyl group with capsaicin, bridged by a triple bond, resulting in a natural solution with high purity, where pungency is greatly reduced.


Research to date, including clinicals, has shown aXivite® supports weight management at a low efficacious dose. The recently complete clinical resulted in aXivite® potential to reduce fat, improve body composition and, improve gut health. Its bioavailability is up to 8 times higher than natural capsaicin demonstrated in a pK study. aXivite® can boost consumers’ metabolism to burn fat through its capsaicin properties via increases in body temperature and oxygen intake.

Benefits of aXivite®

As mentioned earlier, aXivite® is a bioenhancer that has the ability to enhance the bioavailability of capsaicin up to 8 times higher than natural capsaicin, allowing it to provide more benefits to the body. Some benefits include:

  1. Less pungent.* Because aXivite® is made through a unique process of microencapsulation designed to control pungency, it is easier for consumers to ingest.
  2. Safe for long-time use.* aXivite® contains active ingredients at 1% concentration, which contributes to its stability and potency.
  3. Increase and boost metabolism.* aXivite® is proven to increase body heat and oxygen consumption, vital in boosting metabolism.
  4. Weight management.* aXivite® helps in weight control with properties that can relieve inflammation, suppress hunger, boost metabolism, and treat high blood pressure.
  5. Gut health.* aXivite® has active properties that help in promoting healthy gut and aid gut problems.
  6. Pain relief.* aXivite® has the ability to relieve pain due to the anti-inflammatory properties derived from capsaicin.

Dietary supplements

Formulating with aXivite®

aXivite® promotes healthy weight management and can be used in a variety of new applications, as well as a more effective and safer replacement to naturally extracted capsaicin. With this in mind, here is what you need to know when working with aXivite®:

  • aXivite® is a globally patented ingredient.
  • aXivite® is available in powder and capsule forms.
  • aXivite® provides an extremely controlled extraction of phenylcapsaicin with a purity of 98%.
  • aXivite®‘s microencapsulation process allows for easy handling with a 1% formulation in powder form.
  • aXivite® has a solid regulatory framework approved as a Novel Food and is self-affirmed GRAS.
  • aXivite® has a high potency, making it effective when taken in a low dosage.
  • aXivite® is ideal for industrial production due to its higher purity, reliability, and lower price.

Key Takeaways

Supplement brands looking to break into the health and weight management space should start incorporating forms of capsaicin in their dietary supplements, such as aXivite®, to stay relevant and stand out. Offering a myriad of benefits, aXivite® provides a safe and effective way for consumers to improve metabolism and control weight. It is a versatile ingredient that can be used in a variety of new dietary applications, making it an attractive addition to all supplements.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. aXivite® is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

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