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A Guide To Starting Your Own Supplement eCommerce Store

Now is the perfect time to start the eCommerce supplement store you’ve been dreaming of. The supplement industry is continuing to grow at a rapid pace, especially in light of COVID-19, and eCommerce is becoming the predominant — and preferred — channel for many shoppers. With global eCommerce sales expected...
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How Organic Is Organic?

With more than 22,000 certified organic farms and businesses in the United States, the national organic market hit $52.5 billion, up 6.3% from 2018. This steady growth has created an entrepreneurial opportunity for producers and processors looking to enter the organic sector. To sell, label, and represent your product as...
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What to Know in the Supplement Industry Before 2020

With the new year just weeks away, it’s not only important to stay on top of new trends but also the industry as a whole. Between recent studies and shifting consumer demands, there is a lot to know before going into 2020. Here is what you should know before you...
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8 Trends for Innovative Brands in the 2020s

We had an amazing time at the Natural Products Expo East! Between getting to connect with our East Coast customers and showcasing our capabilities to new innovative leaders, we can proudly say we had another successful year at the show. In addition, we also had a chance to expand our...
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How to Maintain Good Health as a Vegan

Walking through your local grocery store, you may have noticed a sudden increase of new offerings in the aisles, specifically plant-based options. These new options are not as sudden as you may think as 95% of U.S. grocery stores now sell plant-based meat products thanks to a 600% increase in...
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Do You Know Your Vitamins?

Maintaining good health requires a steady consumption of the right foods to receive nutrients for proper functioning. Vitamins are essential compounds that help the body normalize cell function, growth, and development, making them a key source for wholesome diets. There are 13 essential vitamins for proper functioning. These vitamins can...
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4 Popular Supplements for Your Next Work Out

What are your fitness goals? When participating in some form of exercise, most, if not all, people go in with a target-driven approach. Whether it’s to run a mile under a certain time, gain more muscle, or lose a couple pounds, setting a specific goal is a proven method to...
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Keep Calm & Sleep On

How do you deal with stress? Between long work days and commutes, growing addiction to technology, and disengagement from nature, the pressures of everyday life drastically increase stress, which can lead to a severe impact on mental health and sleep. Constant stress can also create health consequences including high blood...
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Busting the Myths of Plant-Based Protein

No matter your diet, protein plays an essential role in every cell in your body. The human body uses protein for a lot of different purposes such as repairing tissues, producing enzymes and hormones, and building muscle. But even though it is a necessity for the body to function, protein...
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