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What is Stability Testing?

When it comes to supplements, contract manufacturers must follow a consistent and strict quality control process to deliver safe and quality products for its brands and consumers. It is important for brands to be cognizant of quality control since understanding general quality requirements can play an important role when it...
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5 CoQ10 Benefits to Keep Your Heart & Brain Healthy

With health becoming a main priority for many consumers, Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) supplements have been on the rise due to their many health benefits. From heart to brain health, CoQ10 promotes the maintenance of healthy cells in our bodies and is shown to play an important role in metabolism. Here...
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How to Boost Your Supplement Brand with Clean Label

Consumers are becoming supplement savvy and paying closer attention to what is in their supplements. Unsurprisingly, label-conscious consumers want to know what ingredients, fillers, binders, and flow agents they are ingesting. This behavior is arising from the consumer-driven clean label movement. As the clean label trend continues to grow and...
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How to Successfully Launch & Manage Your Supplement Brand Online

There has never been a better time to build your brand presence in the online marketplace. With the demand for dietary supplements skyrocketing during the COVID-19 pandemic, supplement brands have the perfect opportunity to connect and build relationships with customers online. Investing in creating your online store is a strategy...
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6 Essential Supplements to Stay Healthy While You Stay at Home

With most of the country still upholding stay-at-home orders to reduce the spread of COVID-19 (also known as the Novel Coronavirus), millions of people are experiencing higher stress levels as they adjust to a new kind of work-life balance. However, this new balance has created the perfect opportunity for people...
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See You at Natural Products Expo West

Spark your passion at Natural Products Expo West! Hailed as the epicenter of consumer demand and innovation in dietary supplements and ingredients, food and beverage, and personal care, the annual event will take place from Tuesday, March 3 to Saturday, March 7 at the ACC North Halls, Marriott & Hilton...
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8 Adaptogens to Make You Stress-Free for 2020

Did you know constant stress can be a detriment to your health? With all the pressures of everyday life (long workdays, tiring commutes, tight deadlines, etc.), many Americans suffer from stress and anxiety. A Gallup poll from 2017 found that 44% of American adults claim to frequently encounter stress in...
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How to Go Gluten-Free with Your Supplement Brand

Many people are going gluten-free, and it’s not because of celiac disease. According to New Hope Network, one percent of the U.S. population has celiac (about 3 million people), and another almost 13% has a non-celiac gluten sensitivity (about 40 million people). Gluten sensitivity is not the same as celiac...
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What Are Superfoods?

Superfoods are super good for our diets! With their high nutritional density, superfoods provide a significant amount of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc.) while containing low calories. Their popularity can be attributed to: Getting more fruits and vegetables in your diet, which is important since the Center for Disease Control...
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