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8 Dietary Supplement Trends You Need To Know For 2023


As improved health & wellness makes its way to the top of many consumer 2023 resolution lists, we look forward to seeing the global dietary supplement market stay on an upward trajectory. Industry experts have forecasted the market to grow from its 2021 size of $140.3 billion to $272.4 billion by 2028. This growth can be partially attributed to increased health awareness in response to COVID-19 and the aging population’s concerns about not meeting daily nutrient levels – a trend that is set to continue into 2023 and beyond!

Supplement brand owners and entrepreneurs should pay close attention to these changes as they could provide new product opportunities within this rapidly evolving sector. Consumers are now, more than ever, seeking supplement solutions that help them overcome changing lifestyles and stressful schedules, and this is reflected in the types of supplements they are buying. To help current and prospective supplement brand owners take advantage of this lucrative market opportunity, we’ve compiled the following list of emerging dietary supplement & vitamins trends for 2023: 

Immunity Support

The past 3 years of pandemic living have proven just how important having a strong immune system is. As reported in a recent Growth Plus Report, the world immune health supplement market is forecasted to hit a staggering $130.4 billion USD by 2030. As consumers seek to boost their immunities against medical issues like COVID-19, diabetes, and other infectious diseases resulting from reduced immunity, health supplements that focus on the respiratory tract will be especially popular. Other immune support supplements that will attract more focus will also include those related to gut health and hair growth. Ingredients like Vitamins D and C, Zinc, Echinacea, ImmunoSEB, and other herbal/nutraceuticals are expected to be crowd favorites.

Eye Health Carotenoids 

As digital screen times reach all-time highs, consumers are seeking natural products that can help reduce eye strain and promote ocular health. Specifically, supplements that offer Capsicum annuum-sourced carotenoid capsanthin – a combination of carotenoids sourced from Indian red chilis – have gained recognition in recent years due to its proven ability to reduce intraocular pressure. Research is also illustrating that this ingredient could be a potent herbal remedy for dry eyes. In addition to capsanthin, zeaxanthin and cryptoxanthin are thought to be popular ingredients used for ocular health in 2023. 

As eye health becomes increasingly more important, experts are rapidly accumulating evidence that post-biotics designed to assist digestion, may be beneficial for eye health. Kyowa Hakko USA’s Marketing Manager, Maria Stanieich, stated that research increasingly suggests a correlation between the state of one’s gut health and immune system to their ocular wellness

Stress, Sleep, and Cognitive Health Support 

The stress, sleep, and mental health support trend began even before the onset of COVID-19 but the search for solutions to help alleviate these difficulties has intensified in recent years. Between work, home, and personal life, consumers want to find fast, easily consumable supplement solutions that can improve their mood and help them lead a better quality of life. Herbal supplements like Ashwagandha Ginseng, Lion’s mane, and Bacopa, and other ingredients such as melatonin, glycine, valerian root, and B complex vitamins, will be highly sought after in 2023.

Bone and Joint Health Support

The pandemic caused many consumers to suddenly begin leading increasingly sedentary lifestyles. This resulted in an amplified awareness of weight gain and joint stiffness. With more people now eager to move past these events and get back into shape, demand for reliable joint health products is at an all-time high. When it comes to bone and joint health dietary supplements, collagen is a top choice for improving function and reducing pain both on its own and as part of an effective blend. Curcumin, a principal curcuminoid of turmeric, is another essential natural ingredient that can help relieve inflammation. Other ingredients brands should look into incorporating are Vitamin K2, cucumber extract, and fast-acting botanical ingredients.

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Electrolyte Tablets and Powders

Electrolytes are an essential chemical for the human body to function and are important for monitoring hydration. As of 2021, the global electrolyte drinks market was estimated to be worth a whopping $33.65 billion USD and by 2030 it is projected to skyrocket to an impressive figure of $58.47 billion USD. As more people become conscious of their long-term health and lifestyle choices, electrolyte supplements in the form of tablets, powders, and liquids offer a convenient way to hydrate without having to drink large amounts of water. This trend has been especially applicable to athletes and fitness enthusiasts but is now gaining recognition among all types of consumers. Electrolytes in supplement form will make staying healthily hydrated easier and more accessible. 

Eco-Friendly Dietary Supplement Packaging 

Recent data from the 2022 Buying Green Report shows that a majority of consumers are less likely to purchase items in packaging they deem detrimental to our planet. An astonishing 44% have made it clear that any product with harmful packaging is off-limits for them. Furthermore, consumers are increasingly acting on their commitment to a sustainable lifestyle, with 68% choosing products based on sustainability promises, and 74% expressing interest in buying products that come packaged with refillable containers. Not only do they value recyclable packaging, but also appreciate being able to extend the life of their product’s packaging through reuse. Finding a eco-friendly supplement packaging and fulfillment solution partner that has extensive experience when it comes to packaging and marketing on various marketplaces can help you further promote the success and sustainability of your supplement brand. 

Vegan/Plant-Based Supplements 

Vegan and plant-based diets have seen massive success in recent years and consumers will continue to gravitate toward all types of health products that are not animal-derived. Consumers recognize the benefits of including these products in their diets and are now seeking innovative variations of dietary supplements to help support their meal plans. The vegan supplement market size is set to skyrocket due to the increasing investments of manufacturers in novel protein sources. We expect to see vegan versions of iron, B12, and protein supplements take a lead in the push to provide more of these innovative options.

Key Takeaways 

The new year presents supplement brand owners with the opportunity to explore new avenues toward success. By incorporating any or all of these important trends, you will be able to appeal to the growing number of health-conscious customers and set yourself apart from the competition

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